About Us

The company that is now known as Cenwin Limited, was founded in 1997 as a Family run business from the promoters’ home estate in South China. The business started with recycling of useful recoverable resources salvaged from discarded industrial material including wires, metal components & plastic. Cenwin Limited was incorporated in 2007. Over the years of recycling and processing, Cenwin Limited has grown into 4 Facilities across China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia covering recycling Operations of dismantling, sorting / processing and warehousing, with a Presence extending to mining, tailing & residues, e-waste and PGMscontained Metal slags, as well as primary & secondary aluminium production. Three years ago, Cenwin Limited added another product line - Carbon Products. Cenwin Limited has a branch and a warehouse of 5,000 square meters in Thailand, to maintain requisite inventory for our customers in Thailand.

Who we are

Certainly we are not the largest in size in the brilliant recycling industry, integrity is what made us success in growth and safe hedge has sailed us through market cycle and difficulties We take pride of what we do and embrace every opportunity of serving each client to make a greener earth. We have a menu of extended services such as logistic, finance, analysis etc., remember we are just a phone call away …

Key points

  • Founded in 1997
  • incorporated in 2007
  • Grown into 4 facilities
  • Made us success in growth